Spirituality In Times of COVID-19 - 3 Ways Meditation Improved My Life.

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Developing a concise spiritual connection will help you overcome all the hurdles and obstacles of life. Is the goal of life accumulating riches? Is it famous? It might be for some people. However, what happens when these things are taken away from them? They lose their entire sense of self and become depressed. Starting your own business in Japan or developing your career is difficult. That is why spirituality will help you stay in top shape when life starts getting tricky. These are The 3 ways Meditation Has Improved my Life. 

1. The Ability to be Present.

It would be an overstatement to say that we live in the present, of course, we do. However, are we truly present in the here and now? Or are we just existing and drifting away in our daydreams or our thoughts? In the book "The Power of Now," author Eckhart Tolle states: "Nothing has happened in the past; it happened in the Now. Nothing will ever happen in the future; it will happen in the Now." Our modern society demands a lot of our attention. We are too busy being anxious about future things like Will I be able to pay my rent this month? Will my project be successful? Or am I working in the right company?

On the other hand, we might feel regretful for things such as: Why did I date this person? Why did I choose this career? If I could go back in time, I would do it differently. Being present allows us to take responsibility for the present and improve our current circumstances. Nor the past or the future exist, the only thing we have is the here and now. A great way to start becoming present is to take a couple of deep breaths and focus on inhaling and exhaling. 

2. Decluttering your mind. 

When you are working on your business or your creative endeavors, what is your mind telling you? Are your thoughts telling you that people will hate your design or that you are not good enough? Perhaps you might develop something like imposter syndrome, which will halt your progress as a professional. If you focus on the activity at hand, erase negative thoughts from your mind and do things without feeling attached to it, you will feel freer. Remember that our mental barriers are made out of ideas. There is a quote that says: "I started being free when I noticed that the cage was made out of thoughts." 

3. Become more objective and less emotional. 

Experiencing life dominated by your emotions can be like living in prison. You have no control over your actions, and instead of being proactive, you become reactive. With the help of meditation, you can become more objective and see things beyond good and evil. No situation is good or bad, you are the one that puts the label on it. Lao Tzu famously said: "Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. Once you master yourself and transcend, no person or outside force will ever affect you. You will live in a state of pure consciousness and peace. 

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