Networking in Tokyo: Top 3 Best Places to Network COVID-19 Edition

Networking in Tokyo is crucial to your success in Japan, not only as a professional but also as an individual. By effectively networking, you can not only meet amazing people but maybe meet your next client or the person who can elevate your career in Japan. Here are the Top 3 Best Places To Network in Tokyo - COVID-19 Edition.

3. Blinkonnect

If you are looking for a young and vibrant community filled with exciting professionals, Blinkonnect is the place to be. A branch of the fashionable Blink Smart Workspace in Roppongi, Blinkonnect, is a business community where they host captivating monthly events. From marketing and networking seminars to yoga workshops and coding boot camps, Blinkonnect has it all. 

If you are worried about COVID-19, fear not, organizers at Blink have done a fantastic job creating a safe and clean atmosphere. They have hand sanitizer dispensers, face guards, and even a machine that scans your body temperature when entering the place.

Online seminars are usually free, but the onsite events are generally around 500円. In addition to having engaging events, you can also have exotic smoothies or delicious Brazilian food! 

How about delicious hot cocoa while having a work meeting or studying for a final exam? Blink's got you covered ;).

2. Meet Up

Meet Up is the perfect place to find both communities that focus on business and also ones that focus on leisure and cultural exchange. Would you like to improve your Japanese speaking skills? You can join 国際パーティー(international parties) or 言語交換パーティー(language exchange parties). Are you looking for business connections in Tokyo? You can join groups such as Tokyo Digital MarketersAdVertize in JapanBlinkonnect, and Tokyo Entrepreneur Networking "TEN."

Angel's Pro Tip

To maximize your Japanese speaking opportunities, try to join Japanese speaking parties. The attendees are usually Japanese people who do not want to practice English but instead want to do a cultural exchange with foreigners in Japanese. The ratio is often 80% Japanese attendees and 20% foreign attendees. On the other hand, if your intention is to practice Japanese, do not, I repeat, do not Join English speaking parties. The ratio of Japanese attendees is low. It would be difficult to practice since people join to practice English and not Japanese. 

1. LinkedIn

The best place to connect in times of COVID-19 is LinkedIn. There are thousands of professionals who would love to connect and collaborate with you. I have built my network of professionals little by little, and it has been an absolute blast. Not only can you connect on LinkedIn, but you can also get leads, collaborate with professionals, attend events, and form part of an ever-growing community of professionals in Japan. I have met many of my clients and terrific friends through Linkedin. 

Angel's Pro Tip

Before connecting with the person, you want to connect (potential client or collaborator), remember to always approach them with a concrete idea and something of value. If you would like them to hire you as a writer, write an article for them if you want to create content, send them a content sample. I can't tell you how many times I have turned people down for not having a concrete idea behind their "plans to collaborate with me." Sorry pals, no concrete idea, no answer. 

Let's connect on LinkedIn

Last Thought

Networking in Tokyo is easier than event thanks to modern technology, don't let COVID slow you down! There are groups for everyone, I hope you can find a place that fits your character and goals, best of luck! 


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