Business in Japan: The Unicorn Method - Becoming Successful by Being Yourself

In the Joe Rogan Show, Naval Ravikant stated that "the most powerful moneymakers are actually individual brands. They have knowledge that nobody else has which is the knowledge of being yourself."

The world, a shadow of what it once was. The rise of coronavirus has also brought an increase in unemployment, uncertainty, and neuroticism. Employees who put their hearts and souls into their respective companies have been laid off and are now hopeless with no prospect of a better future. Does the responsibility of the layoffs lie in the nihilism of corporations or in people's own ability to be self-sufficient? 

Zero-Sum Game - Into The Hunger Games

Due to bad experiences and ignorance, most people see the world through a scarcity mindset. The average Jane or Joe will tell you that the world has limited resources, jobs, and opportunities. According to them, only gifted people can rise on the top while the rest of society has to fight for scraps. In Japan, every year, we have something called 就活, which translates to job hunting. Millions of students wear a suit and go to numerous companies with the hope of getting a job. While the top students and people with connections get favorable jobs, the rest need to compete with others to get a job. This job-hunting situation is what we call a zero-sum game. Only the top people can thrive while the rest fight for scraps.

In the NBA, only the top players with an amazing amount of talent, are the ones who make the most amount of money. No matter who hard you work, it is extremely difficult to make money in these fields. Same as with rapping, only the top rappers make money while the Soundcloud rappers have to do Uber just to survive.

Unicorn Method

Thanks to the rise of technology, there is another possibility that will allow you to create a legacy and be yourself; this is known as the unicorn method. People have been able to make their personalities public and create a unique brand around their product or service. This factor allowed for the emergence of people like Elon Musk, Kanye West, or Joe Rogan; to put their branding twist into the things that they do. They are what we call unicorns; people cannot compete with them because they create their own ladder. Instead of fighting with other people to climb the ladder, they made their own. 

If you are an anime aficionado who is interested in the pick-up community, you can create your show on youtube were you teach men how to get better at dating by using your animation skills. If you are a chef who likes to practice yoga, you can start your MeetUp group where people do yoga and cook a delicious meal together. The possibilities are endless. Unlike people doing 就活, people like Joe Rogan and Elon Musk do not compete with others to climb the ladder of success, they make their own ladders. They compete in their own lanes, become the master of soul and captain of your destiny. The world has an infinite amount of opportunities, go out, and pursue your dream!


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